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I am James Robert Deal, reverse mortgage lawyer. I am registered with the NMLA, the National Mortgage Licensing System. My NMLS number is 64871. I am also a commercial real estate broker. And I am also a real estate lawyer. Martin Andelman in the videos posted here is one of my partners.

I like being a real estate broker and being a real estate attorney. But my favorite work is introducing people to the reverse mortgage concept. I am a student of the many kinds of reverse mortgages.

I advise those who are thinking about taking out a reverse mortgage. There is no charge for initial telephone or Zoom consultations. I try to figure out if I can help a person before I start charging fees.

Disclosure: If you decide to obtain a reverse mortgage, I will refer you to my wife, Emelyn Deal, who is a licensed and active loan officer. I will assist her in getting the reverse mortgage approved.

Once I figure out that I can help a person, I can then usually quote a flat fee payable at closing. I offer add-on services such as preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and medical directives. Sometimes I set up needed LLCs or corporations. My flat fee, if any, is payable at closing, out of the proceeds of your new reverse mortgage. If there is no closing and if for any reason you do not get your reverse mortgage, my legal fee is zero.

Most people have questions, questions, questions about reverse mortgages. Below are some of the most common questions in no particular order:

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